A Comprehensive Guide to a Fun Holiday in Auvergne


Situated in the very center of France, Auvergne is a beautiful region with a well-preserved natural setting, giving tourists a real treat for both the mind and body. It is one of the most preserved natural habitats in Europe, with 109 beautiful beaches (including Volvic), approximately 100 volcanoes, and even more than twenty thousand kilometers of rivers. In France, Auvergne has the most extensive spa for visitors.

What is Auvergne Famous for?

The province of Auvergne is one of France’s smallest regions. It is known for its mountains and dormant volcanoes. With an altitude of 1,465 meters, the Puy de Dôme is the highest volcano in France. The Auvergne area is renowned for its meats and snacks (cut and fried bits of pigs), sandwiches, sausages, pâtés, fritons d’Auvergne, and Fromage de tete.

Interesting Places to Visit in Auvergne


You cannot afford not to visit Ambert in Puy de Dome. In many ways, this city will amaze you. This city also offers an unusual southern cathedral, bell towers in renaissance style, a circular town hall, and a museum bearing the township ‘s title.


Aurillac, the county of Cantal’s chief town, blends the countryside charm of a small town with urban culture without ignoring its marvellous character or heritage. Enjoy local food, rest in the countryside, and enjoy vibrant cultural places in August, with its international street theater festival.


This beautiful southern city is a vibrant and unique city for exceptional quality of life. People of the city focus on protecting wildlife and attending various events based on nature along the Allier River. The river spreads around the largest Romanesque church in Auvergne. 


A couple of hours from Paris, Clermont-Ferrand is one of the most popular locations in Auvergne. The city’s natural landscapes are remarkable.


Located between the Loire Valley and Burgundy, the Moulins region is suitable to experience cultural sights and fresh air walks during a refreshing holiday or weekend. Discover Bourbon Cradle’s rich historical heritage, which goes across the city to the Feudal and Renaissance eras, also to the surrounding villages and castles.

Le Puy-en-Velay

This city remains free of destruction, despite several conflicts, and offers a rare mix of heritage, rurality, strong religion and modernity. Don’t forget the Cathedral of Notre-Dame from the 5th century, which in the 11th to 16th centuries became one of the most important pilgrimage places in France; it also became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Vichy ‘s iconic resort town has an array of buildings and parks demonstrating how popular and loved it has been for years. Vichy helps the body and minds with its opera, museums, National Park Livradois-Forez and the volcanic terrains of Auvergne.


This ancient city was once Haute-Auvergne ‘s capital and provides a stunning street maze where you can find the gothic shrine, cathedral Saint-Pierre and several other sites. Near the town, you could also take a peek at Gustave Eiffel’s Viaduct of Garabit.


Riom offers abundant cultural attractions in the center of Auvergne, including Romanesque temples, gothic castles, and old houses with wooden façades surrounded by great sceneries, including lakes, mountains, and beautiful trees.

Ten Reasons to Visit Auvergne

Beautiful Volcanic terrains

The Volcanic terrains of Auvergne has been one of the biggest attractions in the area for thousands of years. The best-known volcanic terrain is the Puy de Dôme, which overlooks the 80 peaks and craters of the Chain des Puys, at 1.465 meters in height.

Local Flavours

Meals are usually made with Pastilles de Vichy, Verveine du Velay, the popular area sweets, and an excellent herbal liqueur with honey.

Lovely villages

Some Auvergne towns, owing to their distinctive beauty and historical past, have been rated as ‘Most Beautiful in France.’ They include the Charroux, the historic village of Allier, Salers, and Tournemire.

Romanesque churches

Auvergne holds one of Europe’s most wealthy Romanic heritage, with over 250 buildings constructed between the eleventh and the thirteenth centuries. Five churches that best reflect this Romanic heritage include St. Saturnin’s Church, St. Nectar’s Church, St. Orcival’s, the Abbey ‘s Church in Issoire, and the Puy-en-Velay Cathedral, which are identified by the UNESCO.

Different outdoor activities

The Auvergne is one of France’s well-protected areas and includes two national parks and five nature reserves. Visitors can stroll and ride bikes across beautiful sceneries.

In Le Puy-en-Velay, part of the road identified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, begins one of the most popular walking routes in France, the Way of Saint James. Throughout Puy-en-Velay, there is a lovely light arrangement that is entirely free and available to the general public.

Vibrant Cities

While Auvergne is renowned for its great sceneries, there are also  a lot of beautiful and vibrant cities in the area. 

Fine Dining

In Auvergne, the food is of the highest standard and comprises 11 Michelin-starred restaurants with accreditation from Bib Gourmand and Toques d’Auvergne. The Toques d’Auvergne has been known for the finest chefs of authentic local food. 

Nattitude: Exclusive Accommodation.

‘Nattitude’ is a range of various styles of housing known for their specific places, beautiful scenery, on site events and facilities, environmental sustainability and technical technology. It includes hotels, campsites, resorts and guest rooms.

Ryanair Express Flights

After the introduction of Ryanair’s direct flights from London to Clermont-Ferrand, it has never been simpler to fly from the UK to Auvergne.

What are the Best Restaurants in Auvergne?

La Tour du Chateau

Chef Mathieu Barbet provides classic French food with innovative additions, such as black ice cream and combination of regional ingredients, such as the foie gras.

Le Grand Cafe

This cafe is worth visiting only for its bright and expressed Art Nouveau theme. This was also the venue for a teenage Gabrielle Chanel, whose mother was Coco Chanel, who performed an album about a dog named Coco.

The simple menu is a vibrant gathering place for the residents of Moulins and also a visitor destination. It highlights excellent local produce and serves charcuterie, gourmet sandwiches, fantastic salads, and utterly delicious Auvergne beef, prepared in a variety of styles. The three-course lunch menu may be supplemented by typical items, such as duck and peach, and a snack or sandwich.

Le Diapason

Le Diapason is situated near Issoire and close to the historic village of Montpeyroux. This contemporary restaurant has enjoyed a panoramic view since 2013. Le Diapason, owned by Monsieur Beringer and his partner, welcomes performers at weekends, and there are six luxurious rooms below the bar. The multi-course meal is a perfect way to have a nice lunch.

La Cave a Viande

Viande means French beef, a cave (or carve) is the prime location for meat, and it is the spot where you grill and enjoy meat. The lit wood grill is smoking hot and able to accept both meat styles, but the lover of steaks will attempt local beef Charolais, which has some of the most exquisite taste and texture in the country.

Burgers are available, but the cote de steak is deservedly conventional. The steak is often served with salads, a potato dish, and sweets.


La Belle Meuniere

This great restaurant is perfect for the Belle Époque. The chef’s attraction in many gastronomic manuals is champagne, and they feature in the form of girolles, morels, and cepes. The lists involve a selection of delicious boughs and excellent bread and biscuits, all produced in the industry, focused on local and national produce.



Weather and Climate in Auvergne

Auvergne is one of Europe’s coldest areas, with just 16 degrees centigrade average high temperature. The temperature is pretty much in keeping with the atmospheric patterns of Central Europe. The perfect time to fly is from June to September because of the mild weather. The cold months from November to March are almost unattractive to visitors.

Important Festivals in Auvergne

International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand ( February 1 to 9, 2013)

More than 100,000 tourists each year are drawn to this prestigious event. It’s a perfect venue for viewing short films and also for discovering the previous years’ videos.

This is a great networking environment, filled with booths, conferences, and a comprehensive presentation for those interested in it.

Carnival of Limoges, Champ-du-Juillet Esplanade, March 3, 2013.

Limoges carnivals are fantastic and it draws foreign artists from around the globe. You will see Brazilian dancers and singers and many globally enjoyable and talented performances.



Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, March 20 to 23, 2013

This festival celebrates the Clermont Ferrand Film, International Art Film and other art and multimedia exhibitions. This is an entertaining and educating forum for all those interested.


Craponne-sur-Arzon Festival of Country Rendez-Vous, 26-28 July 2013

If you love country music, get prepared for the rendezvous festival. This presents some of the finest Nashville and Austin US bands and a wide variety of songs and performances to be appreciated by country lovers, set in a natural amphitheater.


Brivadois, Music Festival, late July (22 to 29 July 2012).

Each July, a sequence of excellent classical performances and concerts highlights the Brivadois area next to La Brioude.

The festival celebrates tradition and the link between classical music and sculpture.

Craponne-sur-Arzon Festival of Country Rendez-Vous, 26-28 July 2013

If you love country music, get prepared for the rendezvous festival. This presents some of the finest Nashville and Austin US bands and a wide variety of songs and performances to be appreciated by country lovers, set in a natural amphitheater.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is 395 km from Paris to Auvergne.

Clermont Ferrand, the capital of Auvergne, is a city with a population of about one-quarter million.