A Comprehensive guide to Having a Fun Holiday in the Biarritz-Basque Country

What are the Must See Places in the Biarritz-Basque Country?


The Anglet coast has no fewer than 11 beaches and has been recognised for its surfing spots! A beautiful four kilometer stroll along the sandy strip is suitable for the fun of joggers and walkers. The golf courses on the Basque coast are popular. Anglet has two. The Impératrice golf course – a flat 9-hole course but with technical challenges and the Chiberta golf course — is one of the best along the coast, connected by the ocean with the pine forest. The market is also lovely and sells local and traditional products in the cantons of Halle’s des Cinq.



This city is famous for its gastronomical history, sport, cultural music, markets, museums, sculpture, bullfighting, and so much more. Not surprisingly, it was named a “Town of Culture and Architecture.” The design of the architecture of the city center is unique. It has been designed in French design with narrow cobbled paths, which produce the traditional two-stone buildings. 


Bidart maintains the character and beauty of a tiny coastal village just 6 kilometers distant from Biarritz. It is the highest town on the Basque Coast. During the night, visit the chapel of Saint Madeleine. You will see a beautiful bench for watching the nearby mountains, Jaizkibel, Trois Couronnes, and the Rhune.


Not far from Espelette, this inner city is a peaceful place.  Designed in the Art Deco style, this house dates back to 1927. The mosaics and ironwork are amazing. The villa has also been listed as a Museum of France and a Memorial to Culture. The tour includes an introduction to the universe of the novel. With its cinematic style, the interior is bound to impress you! 


On the boundary of Spain, between the mountains and the sea, is a place called Hendaye. Start by walking the coastal path rocks to experience a beautiful view of Figuier and Hondarribia’s compartments. 


Local painters display the beautiful coastal scenery and the scenes at all times of the year. This city is truly lovely and fascinating.


This lovely, reinforced village is founded on a major road. It has all the ingredients that make it a must-see, typical Basque village, and it is one of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France.’ 

It features a pediment where anybody can play Basque pelota somewhere as virtually all Basque Country villagers do. You can pass through a bell tower porch; you will see a stunning cast dome, a gold woodwork altar plate, a double-gallery nave, and a cathedral with a star-shaped rooftop.


With houses from the 16th and 17th centuries on both sides, the panoramic shell is visible on the ground, milestones, and the lintels of the buildings. 

A beautiful crescent of white sand, Saint Jean’s Bay Beach features excellent surfing and a thriving coral reef. It’s a perfect location for parents with children, visited by locals and day-trippers from nearby Saint Maarten.

Best Accommodation Spots in the Biarritz-Basque Country

Best Restaurants in the Biarritz-Basque Country

The restaurants in Biarritz are inspired by two influences, the sea and the proximity to the Basque region. This is a positive thing because Basque cuisine is the best in Europe lately.


Chez Albert, in the old fishing port, enjoys daily bistro. The seafood restaurant provides plenty of oysters, clams, and crabs to complete everybody. You get a nice view of the harbor from the outside patio.


Le Pim’pi provides a well-chosen menu and conventional French cuisine. There is an amazing selection of local wines and several nice and welcoming workers. 


A popular Basque dinner is accessible in this Familial Restaurant. Simple but imaginative, chefs plan the dishes attentively. The helpful team can help you select the right wine for a dinner. You are sure to have an enjoyable experience at Les Rosier.


This bar has been a Biarritz restaurant tradition for over 30 years. This spot is a must for Tapas lovers and Spanish tourists. It is located in the Market Halls.


While France might not be the number one location of American cuisine, burgers and fries have a few places to visit. For starters, Moony would fulfill your cravings for fast food and give you truly American dining experience. 



The Impertinent provides a gourmet experience in Biarritz. The restaurant was given a star in Michelin Guide just ten months after its launch. 


This Mexican restaurant is a good chance if you have not had plenty of lovely French cuisine. Spicy foods, delicious tacos are available, and the sangria should not be missed.

Interesting sights in Biarritz and the Basque Country

Hendaye's Biarritz shore

Meeting the waters of the Atlantic, the Basque shore is a series of tiny fishing ports, wild cliffs and lovely half-timbered houses on the 35 kilometers of the Atlantic Coastline. The coastal walk provides a beautiful glimpse of the Pyrenees and the pacific.

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port medieval settlement

Lower Navarre city, the Medieval street town with its rose sandstone, is expressed in the Nive, the route to Santiago de Compostela.

Valley of Aldus

The valley is situated in the center of the Basque Country in the holes of the Basse Navarre Mountains. 

Beach Hendaye

A length of almost 3 km (2 miles), the lengthiest sandy beach on the Basque coast borders on this location with a clear bay. 

Espelette settlement

This traditional village is a must for gourmets in the province of Arbeitd: here comes the famed pepper, which perfumes Basque cuisine delicately.

The Petit Bayonne

This old trading harbor from the 17th century was turned into a stunning marina with tiny bays and natural swimming beaches.

Saint Jean de Luz

Louis XIV married Marie-Thèrèse in 1660 and is a center in the royal background. Today, the tiny port with old homes, beaches, harbor, and pelota trinkets (the Basque playfield) is full of beauty.

Cambo-Les-Bains and its baths

A luxurious spa, located in a grand old town, is renowned for its Art Deco. The magnificent Villa Arnage was designed at the turn of the last century by Edmond Rostand, and its gardens, which look like ‘Versailles.’

Biarritz town and its iconic beach

At the foot of the famous Palazzo Le Palais, the Grande Plage stretches across the cliffs to Côte des Basque for surfers and bathers in the town’s center. 

Interesting things to do in Biarritz-Basque Country

Due to the easy-going way of life in Biarritz, many events in the city and surroundings and beautiful sites draw visitors from any part of the world. These are very common among French citizens. Here are some explanations of why you are going on your journey here, this season.

Play on the beach

If you want to perform some workouts during your stay, why not head to the beach for a ride? The best time to do this is early in the morning or at night, just before dinner, if you are a morning person.

Relaxing in the spa

The entire night and the next day at the beach will also be demanding. Take a break from this and appreciate some of the specialties of the city.

Hiking in Des Halles

It's the best spot to stroll, eat, and meet people in the heart of the area. You can certainly go to its shop, which is open daily from 7:30 am if you are an early bird and want to cook with local food during your holiday.

Create a party

If you want to really fit into the social community of the city, attend as many cultural shows as you can, dress in red and white (official local colors), perform with local people, and have a real party!

Go on a San Sebastián excursion

You can probably schedule a day trip to San Sebastian if you are spending more than one weekend. You may want to try some pintxos and appreciate several other local foods in another gastronomic haven in the city. You will be pleased with several museums and galleries if you are into cultural tourism.

Marry at the Beach

Biarritz is a place to say "I do" on your special day, whether you're a lover of nature and searching for a Romantic first. Many organizations can help you prepare a memorable wedding and respond to your specifications for your special day.

Wear Espadrilles

Some citizens may raise their eyes when they see you wearing espadrilles, but you are a visitor, so you should not do "touristy" things. Initially used as an all-around shoe by locals, it has become a popular staple worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In French Basque Country, on average 3-star hotels cost 115 dollars per night, while 4-star hotels in French Basco cost 170 dollars per evening. A 5-star hotel in the French Basque Country is an average of US$ 352 per night (based on Booking.com price) if you are searching for anything unique.