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Known as the world’s major wine industry capital, Bordeaux is only a two-hour train ride from Paris. There is an average of 24 trains going from Paris to Bordeaux every day. A trip from Paris to Bordeaux costs about €37 and you can obtain a ticket within minutes. However, that isn’t the only way to get there. More adventurous tourists prefer travelling through the vineyards and on boats. Some people prefer ferrying to the city so as to take in the scenery.

Since Bordeaux is not far from Paris, you can go on a bike ride from the Médoc to Saint-Émilion through Arcachon which is a perfect relaxation spot and you can stop to either enjoy the sandy beaches or savour the taste of nutritious oysters as the town is also known for oyster harvesting. In fact, most of the oyster-farming villages host a couple of oyster summer festivals which allow visitors to interact with the locals

Map of Bordoux : Google map
Map of Bordoux : Google map


  • Ride through the city and connect with the people
  • Visit some of the most beautiful Oyster Farms
  • Have you thought of traveling through boats? Now is a good time


Prices of food items, especially sea foods, are cheap here.

Ride through the streets of Old Bordeaux–a perfect place to get a feel of the city and connect with the people. Let go and enjoy the easygoing way and culture of the people of Bordeaux. The climate is also as beautiful as the people. The City of Bordeaux was known in the past as “la belle endormie” (the sleeping beauty) because of its unique architectural designs. Every building is a work of art which travel reviews often refer to as “breathtaking”.

Probably on your last day in Bordeaux, take time to stroll along the Garonne River to the amazing Cité du Vin, a riverside known for its tranquillity. There are also numerous symbolic structures to behold in this part of Bordeaux, such as the Eddies of the Garonne River and the knotted vine stocks.