Get ready for an awesome time in the Brittany

Your journey should take you to Brittany and preferably by boat. This will give you the opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery. You and your friends can play pirates on the battlements of Saint-Malo where the medieval wall city of ancient explorers and pirates await to inspire your reenactment of all the stories you have read about the event. As you journey to other parts of the city, you can continue your exploration in the the Brocéliande forest. There, you will find the presence of the legend of the Knights of the Round Table where it was said the Authorian legend began alongside such characters as Merlin and other medieval figures. The forest is believed to be enchanted and has inspired many literary works of the medieval era.

You cannot visit Brittany and not see the famous Pont-l’Abbé museum where you can do a traditional ‘bigouden’ and later dance to an enchanting Celtic music at the Lorient’s Festival Interceltique. This is an annual Celtic festival founded in 1971 by Polig Montjarret. Highlights of the festival include dancing, painting, sculpture, photography, theatre, and many more.


  • Explore your curiosity in the Brocéliande forest
  • Pay a visit to  the famous Pont-l’Abbé museum
  • Try the famous pampoon delicacies


The explorations and festival activities are bound to leave you famished.

 But that is nothing to worry about as the city is full of restaurants that make the best oysters. They are located mostly in Cancale but it is the buckwheat crêpes in Pont-Aven that are guaranteed to make you come back for more.

The city is a haven for those looking to get away from the stressful bustling activities of work life. A holiday trip to Brittany is bound to leave you refreshed and revitalised especially after you have tried Brest’s famous ‘pompons’. They are extremely delicious and are said to bring good luck. There is really no dull moment in Brittany and you are bound to leave with so many beautiful stories.