The region, the drink

La Champagne is definitely one of France’s best loved treasures. Made popular the world over by the clear sparkling beverage which it is named after, this is one place you must visit in your lifetime.

There is something for everyone in this eponymous region, a plethora of activities and adventurous events, and best of all–champagne.

Tour the local vineyards and enjoy the hospitality of the inhabitants as you sample the best local wines. You don’t even have to buy Champagne, the local vignerons will be happy to share with you. But if drinking bubbly is not your thing, you can take a walk up Bellevue where you will get a panoramic view of the Marne Valley or down Sentier, famous for being the place where artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir plied his trade.

For some off-the-beaten-path experience, the Argonne forest will suffice nicely, after which you can take a peek at Dom Pérignon’s wine cellars in Hautvilliers, then a stopover at Reims for a bit of shopping and Halles de Boulingrin for a bit of lesson on Art Deco.

At this point, you will definitely be ready for a bit of bubbly, and even if you are not, Champagne is exciting with or without the champagne.


  • Take a tour of the Local Vineyards
  • Take a walk up Bellevue
  • Try some glass of Champagne with the locals


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Discover the union between Champagne and champagne

In Champagne, the weekends can feel like the holidays you will not want to end, especially when every single minute is packed with an opportunity to experience the culture and history that surround you.

A weekend in the picturesque countryside in any of the gîtes, hotels and campsites is enough to create in you a sense of well-being, peace of mind and contentment. With hundreds of things to do and hundreds of vineyards to see, don’t be surprised if you finally discover the intimate secret between the region Champagne and the much-loved champagne.

Champagne, where the world’s most favourite sparkling drink is produced, is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage site for the cultural significance of its vineyards, cellars and sales houses.

This history alone is enough to make your visit remarkable, but no visit is complete without a tour to the Reims Cathedral and the Champagne Tourist Route with its almost 400 miles of sign posted routes featuring a variety of certified wine cellars. This is a great way to discover Champagne’s heritage.

Ignite your spirit with the adventures of La Champagne and arouse your senses with the sparkling bubbles of champagne. This is one experience you will not forget in a hurry.