Dordogne Valley

Get ready for an awesome time in the Dordogne Valley

If you are currently on your way to Dordogne Valley then you should brace yourself for so much fun. Dordogne Valley hosts many amazing structures both natural and man-made. The city is perfect for food lovers. There are many restaurants, each with its own signature dishes. The Toques du Périgord chefs are known for their sumptuous meals everywhere in the world. They are experts in preparing Fois Gras & Truffles, duck breasts, and even though cassoulet originated in Languedoc, which is farther south, you will have the best of it in Dordogne.

For an extra outdoor activity in Dordogne Valley, you can ride along Route du Foie Gras. But more than just the luxury of the ride is the knowledge you gain from learning about the geese. The farmers are friendly and always ready to let tourists see the geese. Ensure you try out some of the Limousin apples and Bergerac wines before heading back into town.


  • Be prepared to behold the amazing sights of man made and Natural structures
  • Learn how to tell stalactites from stalagmites in Padirac Cave.
  • Try some delicacies like Fois Gras & Truffles and Duck breasts


There is so much wonder to behold in the palaeolithic Lascaux cave art.

Speaking of knowledge, you can learn how to tell stalactites from stalagmites in Padirac Cave.

The Lascaux Cave is complex as it is magnificent with over 600 beautiful parietal wall paintings. The paintings are mostly about animals and critics often wonder why the cave, with all its detailed and well dotted interior walls, contains no sculpture. There are about 7 chambers in the cave, each with its own myriad of complex paintings that have been the subject of many an art enthusiast’s curiosity.

There is also the Milandes Chateau waiting to be seen. It is here that Joséphine Baker once lived. She was known as the queen of music hall. You can schedule seeing the Milandes Chateau and paddling to Rocamadour to go see the Black Madonna which is a painting where the Blessed Virgin Mary and infant Jesus are depicted in black skin. After these, you can reward yourself by sampling some of the finest cheese Dordogne is known for.