French Guiana – Amazonia

Beautiful attractions in French Guiana

French Guiana–France’s “nature’s paradise” where old abuts new in striking incongruity, is a perfect destination for nature-loving tourists. A home to an astounding diversity of wildlife with lush green rainforests sheltering centuries-old indigenous settlements, beaches and winding rivers piercing through the steamy jungle, French Guiana doesn’t disappoint tourists with its array of endowments. The capital, Cayenne, is a melting pot of French, Brazilian, Asian and African cultures.

Along the coast, tourists get to explore bird-rich marshes where turtles nest in droves and caimans lurk. Inland, rivers slice through steamy jungles with vast savanna stretching to lushly cloaked mountains. Although travelling through this pricey French territory can be challenging, intrepid travellers would love the adventure.


Here are a few places you shouldn’t forget to visit in French Guiana.

The Space Centre

Guiana’s main economic springboard, the Space Centre is not only the main launching site of European Space Agency, it is also one of France’s most important establishments. Apart from the government-controlled space agencies, Arianspace, a private space agency, also operates here. Located near Kourou Coast, the space centre thrills visitors with its rockets whirling in the skies. There is a visitor’s guide should you need help exploring the centre.

Plages les Hattes – Hattes Beach

Plages les Hattes, in the northwest corner of French Guiana, is the most important single nesting site in the world for giant leatherback turtles. When it’s peak season–between April and July, more than 80 leatherbacks lumber up the beach in a single night. They hatch their eggs between July and September.  This expansive beach is also an important nesting site for green turtles, hawksbill turtles and Olive Ridley. You can learn about these gentle creatures at the local museum before heading to the beach.


The dynamic capital offers its own unique and amazing charms. From the historic Place de Grenoble to a bustling port, the capital is full of beautiful architecture and amazing sites. Cayenne is home to several coastal attractions and a beautiful botanical garden. In the heart of the capital are two amazing cultural and historical museums featuring resourceful exhibits on the legendary penal settlements and the indigenous people of Iles du Salut. The Musee Departmental Franconie and the Musee des Cultures Guyanese should top your list of choice places even if you are not visiting the Amerindian settlements and the islands.