Loire Valley


Few things excite a traveller like the promise of going into the Loire Valley where every chateau tells its own unique story. Sometimes we need a break from city life. Let us escape into the most alluring places in the Loire Valley. By alluring, we don’t just mean seasonal walks around ordinary tourist sites, we’re going to visit majestic châteauxs, pretty villages and drink world-class wine.

Is there anything more exciting than discovering the rich historical legacy of Sleeping Beauty at Ussé and of Leonardo da Vinci at Chateau de Clos-Lucé where models of some of his incredible machines like tanks, catapults and flying machines are unveiled? We’ll also wear our helmets, ride our bikes along the River Loire and enjoy a breathtaking view of sites like the Loire’s miniature islands—Chalonnes and Béhuard, which are must-sees for wildlife lovers.


It get more fascinating

Next, we’ll be taking in Apocalypse Tapestry in Angers castle, a 100-metre (328-feet) long tapestry housed in a dimly lit gallery which you will always remember for its glorious richness, and frightening scenes. Then we’re going to head to Nantes to see Machines de l’Île, featuring a giant elephant.

We’ll unwind at Anneaux de Buren come nightfall, where we get to savour the rich taste of a variety of simple but tasty dishes and the Loire valley wines.

You think that’s all? Surround yourself with monkeys and creepy reptiles at the Orleans Forest where beautiful stone paths, flanked by lush vegetation, will lead you to the Vallée lake; perfect for fishing, swimming and windsurfing.

If you want to take some time off from the stress of work and life, an escape into the Loire Valley is the right option for you.