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For a trip to Mayotte, you need to pack your shorts, swimming trunks, and trainers because there is no dull moment here. The city is packed with many exciting activities which will keep you engaged throughout your stay. Most reviews of the place by guests include how time seems to fly when you are in Mayotte. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities.

You can start your tour of the city with the ylang-ylang fields in Combani and enjoy the soothing scents of the oils and perfumes. The hiking trails of Combani are another should also be explored.

There are lots to explore and places to stay in Mayotte. You should climb Mount Choungui, spend time on beaches, enjoy bird watching, visit waterfalls, parks, try snorkelling, and let Mayotte tingle your taste buds with its lovely delicacies.

Where is Mayotte Located ?

Mayotte (also known as Maori) is a French island situated in the Indian Ocean in the Comoros archipelago and centered in the Mozambique Strait. Mayotte comprises two major islands, Grande-Terre and Petite Terre, and many other minor islands, Mtsamboro and Mbouzi Bandrélé. It is a French overseas department (DOM).

The main town and prefecture is Mamoudzou on Grande-Terre. Nonetheless, Dzaoudzi – Pamandzi International Airport is situated on the adjacent island of Petite-Terre.

However, Mayotte is affluent than all other countries on the Mozambique Channel, rendering it a big target for illegal immigrant

What is Mayotte best known for ?

This location is ideally designed for relaxing on the beach while inhaling the scents of tropical flowers and experiencing the stunning scenery. The diversity of environments provides enough opportunities for outdoor leisure and the ancient coral reefs are suitable for swimming.

Residents of Mayotte have established a bond between people and nature, so visitors can enjoy varieties of plants and animals in their natural habitat.

There are no harmful members of flora and fauna, so visitors should be safe. The island’s tourism infrastructure is not well established, but travelers will easily find a respectable and comfortable hotel here.

You will be protected by palm trees and free from the bustle of the busy area. As a result, many tourists prefer living here.

What are the Top Attractive Sights in Mayotte ?

1. Mont Choungui Chirongui

Take a hike to the second-highest point on the island, Mont Choungui, a volcanic peak standing at 593 m (1,946 ft). This site is rich with a number of animals, several of which are uncommon, such as the Comoros blue, olive pigeons, the Mayotte sunbirds and the white-eyes. You will come across many animals, including various forms of geckos and turtles. You can also watch birds while taking a walk.

2. Lac Dziani Pamandzi

Take a walk to Lac Dziani, located in the midst of a dense green wood. On getting to the crater pool, you will see varieties of shades, from light blue to black. The unusual hues are the product of the reef surface and the strong sulfur content of the water. Having your bath or other usage of the water is forbidden.

3. Lagon Aventure Pamandzi

Discover Mayotte ‘s aquatic biodiversity at Lagon Aventure, a tour company providing a range of events. Lots of people opt for a whale and a dolphin safari. Others prefer to go for a scuba diving journey across the coral reef, meeting marine animals such as turtles and manta rays. After concluding the tour, catch a lunch at the beach bar.

4. Plages de Moya Pamandzi

You can consider yourself alone with the tortoises at the Plages de Moya, a secluded beach surrounded by woodland. Situated on the inlet and surrounded by high, steep cliffs, the heart-shaped beach features a turquoise sea and soft sand.

Swim in the water, walk along the rocks to find a little cove. To get to the shore, take the route passing across a tiny Green Bay.

Remember that even 4WD vehicles can be tested under road conditions while traveling.

5. De Coconi Botanical Garden Ouangani

Grant your senses a treat in the De Coconi Botanical Garden, home to a large array of plant species. Stroll around the grounds between the bright flowerbeds and the numerous trees blending in a bouquet of natural scents. Take a seat on the benches, and feast your eyes on the orchids, bamboos, and several other trees. Bring your binoculars so you can have the luxury of watching birds fly and pause at the on-site salad bar for varieties of  smoothies, salads, and jams.

6. Ecomusee Du Sel De Bandrele Bandrele

Learn the conventional development of Mayotte salt at the Ecomusee Du Sel De Bandrele. The museum educates tourists on age-old farming methods that might once sustain the whole nation. The techniques employed are primarily utilized by women and, as such, passed from mother to daughter.

What are the Interesting Things to do in Mayotte ?

Mayotte is one of the best and finest places to visit. Why not scroll as there are lots of stunning sceneries when you visit.

1. Shed a tear as you watch the turtles lay their eggs on Moya beach

Mayotte is one of the locations in the Indian Ocean where sea turtles are seen laying eggs — and Moya Beach is their favorite spot.

The tortoises come to lay their eggs from March to June. Please be vigilant not to annoy them.

2. Watch humpback whales in the lagoon

Watch humpback whales and their calves pass into the turquoise waters of the lagoon from July till the end of October. They come to conduct courtship ceremonies, give birth, breastfeed, and teach their young males.

3. Jump to back 3 billion years at Dziani crater lake

Dziani Dzaha is an emerald-green crater lake located just north of Petite-Terre. Enjoy the rock of Dzaoudzi and its marina, Grande-Terre, as well as the turquoise waters of the great north-eastern reef.

4. Explore the mangrove swamp

Cruise the Mayotte mangrove by kayaking. This world is fascinating — a periophthalmus species, a kind of tiny amphibious fish; a violin crab; a white crabbird; a Terebralia palustris, a mollusk with a pointed shell, and hundreds of other creatures can be seen.

Best Tips on Holidaying in Saint Barthelemy

1. Book a flight

Planes travel every day between Reunion and Dzaoudzi, Mayotte Airport / Military Base. For a return flight from Paris to Mayotte on Air Austral, you need to pay at least €800. The fastest way to move around Mayotte is through bush taxis ("taxi busse") that will drive you across the island for a couple of euros. Car ferries and passengers run regularly between Dzaoudzi and Mamoudzou, with a euro for those traveling via foot.

2. Book the best accommodation

The Best accommodations aren’t hard to find in Mayotte. Consider the following best and affordable accommodations:


3. Locate the best restaurant

Locating the best restaurants at Saint Barthelemy is a key to enjoying your adventure. The following are the best restaurants in Mayotti:

  • Le Koropa Bar Restaurant & Bungalows

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