Get ready for an awesome time in Mayotte

For a trip to Mayotte, you need to pack your shorts, swimming trunks, and trainers because there is no dull moment here. The city is packed with many exciting activities which will keep you engaged throughout your stay. Most reviews of the place by guests include how time seems to fly when you are in Mayotte. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities.

You can start your tour of the city with the ylang-ylang fields in Combani and enjoy the soothing scents of the oils and perfumes. The hiking trails of Combani are another should also be explored.


Less worry, more fun

After a long day of hiking, you can relax on serene and beautiful Saziley beach. There is also music and occasional bon fires. If you are coming with your kids then you definitely have to visit Mamoudzou, the capital of Mayotte. There, they can go tyre racing. There is also the famous Marché Couvert where you can buy all kinds of fresh produce. In fact, you can have your private time away from the family while they are racing by checking out the market. It is also known for the many handicrafts sold there.

Then you can hop on a pirogue to Petite-Terre. The pirogue to Petite-Terre Island is an interesting uninhabited island in Mayotte. You can end your trip by visiting the famous Lake Dziani, a small crater lake on the Island of Pamanzi. It gives both a feeling of thrill and sense of wonder which is what most travellers crave.