Take a trip to Normandy today.

Your holiday is not complete without the serene and fun environment that is Normandy. If you are the kind that loves enjoying evening walks surrounded by beautiful scenery, Normandy is the perfect place for you. There is the famous Boardwalk in Deauville where you can strut through your evenings. It is one of the most symbolic and oldest places in Deauville. The Boardwalk was built in 1923 and extends through the Pompeian Baths. Here, you would not only be taking a leisurely walk, but also taking an educative walk through history.

If you are a war history enthusiast then Normandy has just the right treat for you in the form of the D-Day beaches. The Sword beach, Juno beach, Gold beach, Omaha beach, and Utah beach will leave you with so many stories tell. There are friendly guides around to answer any question you might have. No need looking anything up because these historical sites carry so many tales of the Normandy landing.

Not just for winter

Normandy also presents you with the breathtaking views of the vertical cliffs of Etretat. This small village is famous for its array of beautiful cliffs. The sea cliffs all overlook similarly beautiful beaches that have been the inspiration of many artworks. The cliffs of this coastal village are also known for their natural arches, two of which can be seen from the village.

There is also the formidable Bayeux Tapestry—a 70-metre-long embroidered cloth which presents some of the major events that lead to the Norman conquest of England. It never fails to captivate the gazes of first timers.

Normandy houses what used to be the home of the famous impressionist painter, Claude Monet. He created an array of breathtaking gardens for the purpose of painting them. The house and gardens of Claude Monet are well preserved and visiting them is like stepping into his painting.

Scallops are the ultimate seafood treat in Normandy and scallop festivals, such as Villers-sur-Mer and Grandcamp-Maisy provide a plethora of opportunities to taste fresh Normandy scallops.

There are no dull moments as there are many places to visit no matter what your interests are.