Northern France

Get ready for an awesome time in Northern France

Hauts-de-france (northern France) is as though it is designed for those seeking exploration. It is even more engaging when you plan your trip with friends or family. There is something for every member of your team here irrespective of how diverse your interests are.

If you are looking for memorable adventures for stories, then prepare to get lost in the floating gardens of Amiens. This is a 300-hectare marsh full of floating gardens that are all separated by canals. It is one aspect of France you have never experienced before and it allows you to travel back in time. Here, you will immerse yourself completely in nature and meet many species of birds that have made the gardens their homes.

After communing with nature, come out to the city and relive the era of great cathedrals in Beauvais. One of these is the Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais, a Roman Catholic church that also serves as the seat of the Bishop of Noyon, Senlis and Beauvais.


A perfect place for the family

A family vacation in Northern France will be the perfect time to check out the Bay of the Somme nature reserve. After a quality time at the Amiens’ floating gardens, it is natural to still want to have a feel of nature’s peace. What better way to do that by listening to bird calls while watching the seals lounging around?

There is no place in the world that is capable of bringing out your goofy side like Cambrai. It is known as the city with three Steeples and is really a beautifully designed provincial town. It will make you feel at home and has a way of relieving anxiety once you embrace its magic.

After digging out bargains at Braderie de Lille, you can join in celebrating the colourful Dunkirk Carnival if you are able schedule your trip between January and March, which is when the carnival takes place.

For food lovers, take your friends to Meert for some delicious frikandels and waffles. But you aren’t done get till you have had some chips with maroilles and squirty cream.