Some beautiful places to visit in Paris

Paris is the world’s tourist capital. Its iconic attractions are irresistible, and tourists seeking a thrill can’t help but visit the city. Paris brims with character and allure as it welcomes you to its world’s famous museums, beautiful riverscape, extensive range of historic monuments and a vibrant historic city centre. This city unlocks your best nights with its climate and nightlife scenes while subtly reinvigorating your spirit.




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We have prepared a list of five great places to visit in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

Paris boasts of Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s most iconic towers. A blend of ancient architectural aspirations with the prowess of modern technology, Eiffel personifies the rich glories of French engineering. An object of desire and fascination, the tower never fails to impress with its remarkable achievements, extraordinary light shows, reputable events and visitors.

Place de la Concorde

Forget its once macabre experience. Place de la Concorde is arguably one of the world’s most majestic spots. With landmarks like the Luxor Obelisk and mermaid filled fountain adding to the glamour, you are sure to have beautiful and fulfilling experiences at Place de la Concorde.

The Pantheon

If you are looking for a reason to visit the Pantheon, just check out its gorgeous neoclassical architecture. You don’t need a passport to fly into history with this neoclassical marvel–it takes you there for free.

Pont Alexandre III

This ornate, Beaux-Arts-Style bridge links the right and left banks of Paris. Pont Alexandre III is one of the biggest tourists’ photo-ops in the city. With the view and gilded status, the urge to take a selfie is irresistible.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame is the place you will likely think of when considering French Gothic architecture. The Cathedral’s historic façade and rose windows attract massive crowds–and there are chances your admission here will be free. Just plan your arrival on the early side, ideally 10a.m., if you are taking the tourist line, or skip the line and enjoy the Catholic mass.

Place du Trocadéro

Taking a holiday to Paris comes with great expectations. Whatever they may be, don’t forget to nab some epic photos about the city. If you want to capture some amazing pictures of the Eiffel Tower for example, you might as well take a trip to Place du Trocadero, an elevated open space with a stellar view of Paris’s most historic landmark.

Visit any of these places and revel in some of the sweetest experiences life can offer.