Get ready for an awesome time in Provence

Provence has such alluring scent that no one, especially first time visitors, can’t shake off. This makes it an ideal relaxation get-away place for you and your family. The sweet scent of Provence is guaranteed to leave you nostalgic long after you have left.

The Marseille fish market is something to look forward to early in the morning. There is always a sense ofexcitement in everything in Provence. This includes going to greet the fishermen in the Vieux Port. They are the  friendliest you will ever meet anywhere in the world and are ever ready to answer any question you have.


You can also take your family with you to go catch the sunrise from Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde. The sight is arguably the most beautiful way to start your day. It leaves an impression on everyone which will leave you talking about it long after the experience. It is the most visited place in Marseille. Watching sunrise from the basilica is a significant tour in itself. Your children will learn a lot from a visit or you can use it to reconnected with your partner. Fortunately, that’s not all Provence has to offer.


The right place for family weekend

There are the great works of art see. I recommend you design your itinerary to cover all these works and turn it into an exciting tour game for your friends or family. At Arles, you will find some of the famous paintings of Vincent van Gogh. From there you can move to Antibes where you will get to acquaint yourself with the works of Picasso. Once you have had your fill of Picasso, the next stop should be Aix where the paintings of Cézanne are waiting to sweep you off your feet. But if you are a great fan of Cézanne, you can save Aix for last and go from Antibes to Nice for the works of Matisse.

You can also literally stop to taste strawberries in Carpentras. These are Provence’s early harvest of sweetness. In fact, there is the Carpentras Strawberry Fraternity where the members wear a jolly red costume that makes them look quite like strawberries. Strawberries are grown all over Provence but at Carpentras, you will find the sweetest you have ever tasted.

If you are still looking for more treats, you can check out the black truffles in Ventoux. It is one of the most expensive edible mushrooms but they are not so expensive in Provence. Therefore, you can take advantage of your visit to try them out. Then you can take home some olive oil and tapenade and all the beautiful memories Provence has to offer you.