Get ready for an awesome time in Pyrenees

From the breathtaking view of the Pic du Midi to the beautiful display of the waterfall at Cirque de Gavarnie, Pyrenees remains one of the mind-blowing sites to visit in the world. It is home to France’s largest collection of pre-historic remains.

Due to its ideal location along the France-Spain border, it has a remarkable combination of both Mediterranean and continental climates. Sometimes, the summer may get extremely hot while the winters, due to the central climate, can become quite chilly. If skiing is a hobby of yours, then the Pyrenees is a place you definitely want to visit. So why don’t you pack your bags and let’s visit Pyrenees together.


Enjoy the beautiful views from Pic Du Midi

Climb the mountains to the Pic du Midi and enjoy the beautiful view of the Peaks and Stars in winter. Also hit the ski slopes and slalom between the fir trees, usually accessible to downhill skiers and those who love a sporting challenge and the lure of wide open spaces. Walk along the Route of St-Jacques-de-Compostelle as far as the Lourdes sanctuary and immerse yourself in the peace that it brings.

You will definitely love the Cirque de Gavarnie which puts out a beautiful display with its waterfall. If the thought of taking part in all these activities excite you, then it’s time to go to Pyrenees.