Reunion Island

Get ready for an awesome time in the Alps

Have you ever dreamt of seeing a whale from above the turquoise blue waves of an ocean while exploring the insides of a mountain? A visit to the Reunion Islands will make your dream come true. Just 200km south-west of Mauritius, the Reunion Islands is part of the Vanilla Islands in the Indian Ocean. To the west is a paradise replete with palm trees, a veritable natural aquarium and white sand; to the east, an empty terrain of lava rocks and in the middle of it all are three valleys, completely unique in their climate and landscape.

The Reunion is home to around 800,000 people. With a fusion French/Creole community of Indian, Asian and African descent, this Island is so much more than your typical beach destination. And just so you know, it’s the perfect spot for a honeymoon holiday. If sitting on top of a working volcano and spotting sea animals down below is your idea of romance, then you’d better get ready for a trip to the Reunion Islands.

Let’s clear a path and walk through the lava flows of the Grand Brulé where you get to see the Piton de Bert and the erupting volcanoes light up by the sky. You definitely need to experience waking up at the foot of a lava crater to the incessant noise of the eruption–Unforgettable! Explore the dark cliffs of Cap Méchant and the lunar landscape of Piton de la Fournaise volcano then cool off on the Piton des Neiges.


  • Take a walk through the Palm tree landscape
  • Visit the Grand Galet  waterfall at Langerin River
  • Go Whale and dolphin watching
  • Try some delicacies like Beignets de Chouchou


A family union in Reunion Island

It will be a great idea to visit the magnificent Grand Galet waterfall at the Langerin River and the pools. In the hot season, locals go there to picnic and bathe. Visit the spot in the morning to catch the first rays of sunlight. You can also take to the skies on a helicopter-sightseeing trip and dive into one of the island’s underwater nature reserves. Or you can go dolphin and whale watching in the Indian Ocean and dance to the traditional Maloya rhythms. And when all the energy-draining activities have got your stomach rumbling, just order some creole cuisine. Don’t forget to try the mouthwatering Beignets de Chouchou–the taste is remarkable.

Whatever you choose to do on the Reunion Islands, don’t forget to bring back the Cilaos lace and embroidery, the Lychee wood objects, some Lava rock objects, a tamarind wood lamp and a tamarind paste. Have a fun-filled holiday!