A Complete Holiday Guide in Saint Martin


Does your impression of a perfect holiday involve delicious food, beaches and duty-free shopping? If that is the case, going to St. Martin / St. Maarten is the perfect choice to make. A great holiday is spent If you go to a lovely place. A place where your mind is captivated makes you safe and relaxed. There, you throw away your worries, and you reminisce on nice memories. There’s something for everyone in this haven of pleasure: Sailing, kitesurfing or windsurfing, or relaxing and sunbathing on the warm golden sands of the island. 

Welcome to Saint Martin

St. Martin is a wonderful destination in the Caribbean. The Netherlands and France are the two nations governing Saint Martin. It is referred to as Sint Maarten in its Southern side, Netherlands, and Saint Martin in its Northern side, French. This island referred to as “the Friendly Island” inhabits different residents from over 80 countries in Saint Martin. They use different currencies. This island has many beaches, serene sections, and busy resorts.It is a well-known tourist destination where many cruise ships make constant stops. It is most popular for its entertaining nightlife, great cuisine and duty-free shops where jewellery and liquor are sold. The island was named by Saint Martin. He arrived in the village in the fourth century. He demolished the pagan temple and converted citizens to Christianity. When he died, he was buried in what is now considered a chapel in the church. The capital of Saint Martin is Marigot and St. Maarten is Philipsburg. The official currency of the Dutch side is the Antillean Guilder, linked to the United States Dollar. However, on the French side, the Euro is the official currency. The languages on the Island are English, Dutch and French.

Where is Saint Martin?

St. Martin’s island lies in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere’s Antilles Archipelago, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. Most precisely, it sits north of the Lesser Antilles, formed when the Atlantic Plate slipped under the Caribbean Plate to form the island string that includes St Martin.

It is located approximately 240 km to the southeast of Guadeloupe Island. To its eastern edge, Saint Martin faces the Pacific and is swept from the west coast by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. The island is 15 km long and 13 km wide, with a combined surface area of 88km2.

What interesting things can one see and do in Saint Martin?

This island filled with white sand beaches set an example for peaceful coexistence despite being shared by two countries. The harbour in Saint Martin is full of boats, shining boats are built into the cliffs. It creates an amazing picture of a brightly coloured village. 

Must-See Places in St Martin

Take a trip back to the history at Fort St Louis

Gustavia is the red-roofed capital of Saint Barthelemy and is a small harbour town and the main shopping destination in Saint Barthelemy. The avenues are filled with chic boutiques, duty-free stores and art galleries, luring tourists from the numerous cruise ships that call here, and gourmet restaurants offering mouth-watering French-inspired cuisine.

Visit the remains of Fort Gustave which is the key for spectacular views during the Swedish period. You can also head to the top of the 29-meter hill for Shell Beach views in the middle of Fort Karl’s few remaining stone walls.

Hike or Bike in the Loterie Farm

The two-street fishing village of Corossol is often called the “straw village” along the western shores of the island, owing to the women of existing island families who make straw hats and crafts from palm fronds.

One of the major attractions at Corossol is the “Inter Oceans Museum” composed of over 9,000 shells. Corossol Beach’s tranquil waters mark a port of call for local fishermen.

Take a tour at the Seaside Nature Park

The Seaside Nature Park is located on the Island’s Dutch side. The park draws tourists who engage with the wildlife of the island. The park is most notable for providing horseback riding to tourists on the seaside. The park boasts a petting zoo, featuring ducks, rabbits, tortoises, peacocks and iguanas. There is a fun activity for everyone to enjoy.

More popular events include guided beach horseback riding tours, snorkelling in Cay Bay waters and hiking tours through the park. A park is a nice place for a romantic getaway or just a day trip with friends and family.

Enjoy a Moisturising massage at the Good Life Spa

Saline Beach which is otherwise known as Grand Saline is one of the most spectacular stretches of sand and sea in Saint Barthelemy. It is also one of the Caribbean’s finest beaches. You walk up and pass a hill from the parking area to reach this protected cove

You should bring an umbrella if you want shade because the sweep of blond sand is important for sunbathing. Body surfers love surfing the waves here, while the wind is up.

Play, Swim and Sunbathe in the Beaches

Grand Cul de Sac’s shallow harbour and calm waters are perfect for water sports. Kitesurfers meet here and the nearby kitesurfing school gives a few tips for those who need lessons. In the lagoon even windsurfing and kayaking are common. Upon skimming the sea, you can relax at the small beach fringing one of the restaurants.

Spot the Planes at the Gorgeous Maho beach

Maho is situated at the end of the runway in Princess Juliana International Airport. This beach is popular and well-attended by people in the big hotels, who come to enjoy its palm-shaded beaches, swim, windsurf and watch planes take off. 

It is a popular plane spotting beach. This stunning beach and the clear blue sea make Maho an excellent spot to spend the day. Relax at the Beach Bar with a beer, watch the planes fly and gaze out at the stunning water.

Surf a wave in the Mullet Bay Beach

The Mullet Bay beach is a palm-lined resort for food and surfing. The stunning beach sands in this bay pass next to a golf course which is an additional tourist attraction. The bay is popular with the locals and tourists alike. The north winds make this a good spot for surfers. It is less busy but at weekends, it gets busier.  The local snack bar serves cold drinks, and vendors sometimes come along. Take note, there are no on-site toilets.

Enjoy a great swim at the Orient Beach

This amazing stretch of beach is protected by a coral reef which provides ample opportunities for snorkelling and swimming. White-sand beaches are popular with locals and visitors alike, so there’s no trouble finding food, entertainment, rental equipment, or even shopping.

This beach is optional for clothes and is popular with naturists, Europeans and curious travellers. 

Chill out at the Grand Case Beach

This beach’s white sands are not far from Grand Case city, and you’ll obviously share space with plenty of townspeople and visitors alike. The surf is moderate, the area is frequented by couples, and others who wish to relax and swim comfortably. You will be shocked to see a range of beachside kiosks offering barbecue, lobster and other fantastic choices considering the town’s culinary reputation. 

Dive into the Calm Friar's Bay

This beach is usually enjoyed by the local citizens of Saint Martin.  Friar’s Bay is renowned for its clear seaweed-free waters, and shallow sandbars reaching well into the bay. It is the best swimming spot. Snorkelers in the past reported seeing amid the bright sand and clear blue water, colourful rays. grab a drink at the relaxing bar on the beach after snorkelling.

The island offers more than a beach holiday. If you want to relax and unwind by the water, try exploring the island by renting a car. A range of sights, excursions, and sporting facilities can make your stay an enjoyable one.

Take a Boat Cruise

One of the island’s most famous activities is getting off it! The Island is surrounded on every side by the glorious Caribbean seas. go cruising, kayaking, snorkelling, windsurfing, swimming and any other water activities you can envision are pretty easy to plan.

As many other Parisians and visitors, the stunning, vibrant shops and cosy, vintage bistros along the canal ‘s banks will lure you. take a little boat ride on the calm waters of the Saint-Martin Canal to see it from a different perspective.

Visit the Casinos

Travel over to the Dutch side for one of these St. Martin casinos and take a chance to win cash. Bear in mind, many Saint Martin casinos require entrance age restrictions. 

Shop Duty-Freely

The Caribbean island with duty-free shopping at 100 per cent in Saint Martin. Shopping is nice over the island with the best bargains on the finest shoes, jewellery, china electronics and lots more. Making the most of Marigot’s duty-free jewellery shopping, which houses well-known luxury brands such as Dinh Van, Girard-Perregaux, and Jaeger LeCoultre.

Hike in Pic du Paris Mountains

For a heart-warming view of St. Martin, drive or take a cab to the 1,492-foot Pic du Paradis. This Paradise Peak is an attraction with tourists. The breathtaking panoramic views are worth the climb. 

Taste the French Cuisine Variety

For a heart-warming view of St. Martin, drive or take a cab to the 1,492-foot Pic du Paradis. This Paradise Peak is an attraction with tourists. The breathtaking panoramic views are worth the climb. 

10 Best Restaurants in Saint Martin

We deliver carefully curated choices to encourage you to experience dining at Saint Martin / Sint Maarten on your own. Therefore, we present our Best Restaurants list from Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. These places offer a fantastic city atmosphere and a flavour you absolutely cannot resist.


This wonderful restaurant, which specializes in typical French cuisine, has a way with classic technique and the Caribbean ingredients. The new seafood is always decorated with lavish sauces, and the puff pastry gives the main courses a good presentation. The béarnaise steak also attracts raves from locals. Lunch at the basement place would certainly be well-executed and always rewarding.


This restaurant is recognized for its intimate ambience by local media. This fine restaurant offers beautiful seating on the terrace and spectacular views from even the interior tables. The food beautifully complements the landscape and includes dishes such as scallops and shrimps on saffron risotto, a lush cioppino, pasta with medallions and a signature lamb that is specially spiced and cooked for seven hours.

Karakter Beach Lounge

Karakter is a restaurant and beach bar situated on the mile-long Simpson Bay Beach’s sandy white sands. Karakter is also within easy reach of the Maho region. Make a day of it and relax on their beach chairs while enjoying tasty drinks, little bits and beautiful blue water. You will engage in candlelit seafront dining and a friendly environment throughout the evening.

It becomes a vibrant party scene after 3 pm on the weekends, with music and dancing. Because Karakter is right by the airport, spending your last moments in paradise is the ideal place.

Friar's Bay Beach Café

At this peaceful island, there is a sophisticated vibe that can make you feel like you’re on a private island. You can hire the pool chairs and umbrellas to sit, eat, drink and dine during the day.

A blackboard lists specials, meat and fish carpaccios are sparklingly new and the salads are wonderful. French standbys include tartlets from tomato and goat cheese, and “foreign” tartlets include burgers and sandwiches. They have live music after 9 on Sunday nights. Check on the road between Grand Case and Marigot for the red-and-black signals and drive carefully as the road is rugged.

Little Bamboo

Little Bamboo is an edgy spot with excellent sushi and specialty cocktails in the Simpson Bay district. It is an offshoot of a famous Bamboo restaurant, demolished during Hurricane Irma. The biggest difference between the two restaurants is the smaller scale, as Little Bamboo provides much of the same classic menu items, ambience and consistency that Bamboo provides.


This restaurant is located right on the historic Front Street in Philipsburg. L’Escargot is a popular French restaurant that is well enjoyed by locals and travelers alike. Some of our favourite stuff to get includes their onion soup, and their escargot, of course. When you’re looking for some fun while you’re eating then go over to their popular cabaret show on Friday nights.

Lagoonies Bistro and Café

Lagoonies Bistro and Cafe is a favourite among locals and visitors alike, but particularly among the sailing community. It is located right on the shore of Lagoon Marina’s Simpson Bay Lagoon. Lagoonies also have live music, and are renowned for their special dishes of seafood.

Sunset Bar and Grill

Sunset Bar and Grill is a perfect place to get into the action while enjoying tasty cocktails and snacks. You can also avoid the saltwater and book a beach chair for $10 on their new pool.

The Palms Restaurant

The Palms Restaurant takes pleasure in offering Caribbean flavours to its guests with special twists. When drinking relaxing cocktails like rum punch or mojito, savour their tasty jerk chicken wraps and intoxicated ribs.

Le Tropicana

Since many years, this waterfront bistro has become a keystone in the culinary scene of Saint Martin. Its French cuisine has certainly been a must-try for many visitors going there. They also offer a wide range of continental dishes ranging from appetizer to dessert. It is advised to book a table, because the restaurant normally gets really busy.

Taste the Curious tipple at the Guavaberry Company

St. Martin’s local spin on the popular liquor in the Caribbean is a strong blend of sugarcane and the peculiar little guava berries growing wildly in the centre of the island ‘s central hills. there’s no better place to try this fascinating tipple than at Sint Maarten Guavaberry Company. There, rack on rack and barrel on a barrel of schnapps-style cocktails are referred by local workers. You should anticipate lots of free samples of guava berry colada as well as pure shooters too.

Enjoy a Butterfly Kiss at the Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm in St Martin is a perfect spot to catch a view of the butterflies. The facility is spread over a network of stunning gardens, filled with ferns and verdant tropical plants and punctuated with the rare element of babbling water. The butterflies promise a spectacular display, everything is seen from mimic-whites to checkered swallowtails. Patrons will attend regular workshops on butterfly tolerant gardening and horticulture techniques.

Enjoy the Cultural Carnival

Fourchue's forked island is a dive spot that is very far from Gustavia. It dives to a maximum depth of 15metres, full of uncrowned but thrilling wildness. Barracudas, dance rays, and many of the Caribbean turtles etc. are found here.

5 most interesting facts about Saint Martin

Saint Martin is the world's smallest island shared between France and The Netherlands. The nation has a total area of 34 square miles.

The island 's northern French section is known as St Martin. The southern part of the Netherlands is known as St Maarten and is one of the four constituent countries that make up the Netherlands Empire.

There's really no physical boundary between the island's Dutch and French sides but 37 white sandy beaches can be enjoyed here.

St Martin is a culinary leader in the Caribbean.

It is the island with the famous airport, The Princess Juliana International Airport.

What is Saint Martin known for?

Saint Martin is a vibrant island, graced with beautiful beaches and growing up to palm-studded hilltops. It is popular for its shopping and tasty guavaberry rums, seaside beach bars and casino-lead nightlife.

How to Get to St. Martin/St. Maarten

There are 3 ways from which you could choose to get to Saint Martin 

  1. Fly to Grand Case Airport, St Martin and board a taxi to the base for an approximate distance of twenty minutes.
  2. Fly to Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten. then, board a taxi to the base, twenty minutes is the approximate distance.
  3. From Anguilla take a boat or ship to Marigot Port, St Martin

Where to Stay in St Martin

5 Top Tips on how to spend a holiday in Saint Martin

Visiting St. Martin for a trip or a Caribbean cruise? Here is what to know when planning a visit;

  1. While planning to travel to St. Martin, visit the nearby islands as part of your trip. 
  2. From zip lines to snorkelling and sunbathing, Sint Maarten offers a variety of activities, most of which take place outdoors. 
  3. create itineraries for the most popular destinations on the island, such as beaches, parks, hotels and restaurants.
  4. St. Martin is known for beaches on the island.
  5. For information on the things to do, where to eat and where to stay, please contact us.


Saint-Martin has been classified as one of France’s most stunning villages (plus beaux villages). If you’re on a day trip from a Caribbean cruise to St Maarten / St Martin or you’re spending a few days exploring the island. The best activities in Saint Martin include visiting popular beaches and taking day tours as well as staying in excellent accommodation to help you enjoy your holiday. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Saint Martin is safe. Unlike other holiday islands, if you follow a few simple safety protocols, you are safe on Saint Martin. By adding protective lotion to shield yourself from bloodsuckers and keeping an eye on your valuables.

St. Maarten is open to international tourists, with flights allowed from Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.

The best time to visit is from April to June because it’s not hot and crowds may have started dissipating.

Shops, bars, and hotels allow in-dollar fees. Throughout the island of credit debit cards are accepted.

There are, of course, differences between the two islands. The Dutch side mainly speaks English while the official language is Dutch, while the French side speaks French. The Dutch call it Sint Maarten while the French call it Saint-Martin.

Saint Martin is not costly. it depends on the decisions made.  Manage to have a nice time with less money.

There is no Uber /lift. Rental cars are the most popular, and cost-effective means on the island.