Get ready for an awesome time in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon

Having to choose between Saint-Pierre and Miquelon for your holiday getaway will really be a difficult one as both cities are filled with tourist attractions. But there is really no need why you should choose one over the other when you can have both. There is the famous Prohibition museum right at the heart of Saint-Pierre and it is guaranteed to be the best time of your life.

At the museum, you can relive history through the array of historic objects on display. This is a great place to visit with your family as there is a lot here for your children to learn. There is also the early 20th century Catholic cathedral that will ignite your children’s sense of wonder.

Once you have had your fill of the museum and the Cathedral, it is then time to explore the peat bogs and boreal forests. You can explore the forests on horseback with the supervision of a member of the local riding club. The peat bogs are of high botanical importance and have been protected by a decree since 1985. The meandering of the river creates a beautiful landscape view.


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The people and Seafood

You really cannot see all the beautiful attractions of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. However, we suggest you head off to the lagoon to freshen up after an exciting day at the forests and the bogs. That’s if you are ready to retire to your hotel room for the day. But if you are still feeling energetic and adventurous, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon still has something for you. You can take your friends to see the wreck of the Transpacific on the Île aux Marins. The wreck has a fascinating story to it and having the locals tell it to you transports you back in time and you feel as though you were there when it happened.

On your last day in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, take a 12km walk along the isthmus that links Miquelon and its Grand Barachois to Langlade. It is just exactly as it is written in the books and don’t be surprised if a cute seal joins you on your journey.