Tahiti-French Polynesia

Spice your vacation with these beautiful sites in French Polynesia

Think of Polynesia and the word ‘paradise’ flows naturally to mind. Whether you choose to tan on the black sand of Tahiti or on the white sand of Bora-Bora or you just want to surf Teahupo’o’s classic pipelines and swim with the dolphins in the Rangiroa atoll, French Polynesia is your ideal destination. With 118 islands, the city gives honeymooners an exclusive romantic treat.


We have prepared a list of some top tourist attractions you can explore in Polynesia.


Rangiroa is the world’s second largest atoll after Kwajalein of Micronesia. It has the most populated islands in the Tuamotu Archipelago. The city is famous for its impressive scuba diving and snorkeling sites. World-class divers and surfers find these amazing islands irresistible–thanks to their diverse aquatic life and powerful waves. The name Rangiroa “endless sky” hints you of what to expect on this awesome natural marvel.

Jardin Botanique

A 137-hectare botanical garden, Jardin Botanique offers nature in its awesome and perfect style. Apart from the local flora it showcases, this beautiful site introduces you to some foreign species like the pamplemousse, a south Asian grapefruit.


This great town served as a military base for French troops in 1844. The base has been in and out of service since then but Taravao still stands to this day and houses the Faratea Port. The Faratea Port is used for commercial sea trade with the nearby town of Pape’ete. This town’s rich history makes it one of the top tourists’ attractions in French Polynesia.

Musée de Tahiti et des Île

At Musee de Tahiti et des Ile, you will find the different historical aspects of French Polynesia. Exhibits are categorised into four—pre-European, geography, natural history and European settlement. There are also outdoor exhibits as well as an expansive garden for your recreation.

Hiva Oa

This classic island has several archeological sites and is one of the top tourists’ marvels in French Polynesia. Jipona, a holy site with five monumental tikis is unarguably the best of these historical landmarks. The Tehueto petroglyphs add to Hiva Oa’s allure with human figures carved into basalt rocks.

Mt Otemanu

While many tourists think of an idyllic ocean view, Bora Bora has another irresistible marvel–Mt Otemanu. This awesome pinnacle gives you an impressive view of the island. You can hire a guide as you climb through or get into a helicopter for an aerial view of the old volcano.