Wallis & Futuna Islands

Get ready for an awesome time in Wallis & Futuna Islands

Join us on a trip to explore the pristine volcanic paradise islands of Wallis and Futuna; the last overseas territory to join the French republic. Wallis and Futuna, which lie 230km away from each other, are linked through the French government but that’s where the link ends; Wallis has ancestral connections with Tonga, while Futuna traces its roots to Samoa.

This is evident in the languages, which are quite different although mutually intelligible. On this trip, you’re sure going to feel like Robinson Crusoe as you get to explore the lush greeneries, the pristine surroundings and meet the self-sufficient locals planting, fishing and cultivating the lands. It’s like discovering a whole new world. It is a different kind of adventure.


Great works of Nature

We’re going to roam through the volcanic landscapes and cool off in the lagoons and lakes that now occupy the craters. From the Ha’afuasia lake in the Ha Haque district to the bird’s eye view of the Nukutapu islet and the lagoon reef north of Wallis, you get to inhale the fresh fragrance of the flowers as they breeze through the islands. You may receive flower garlands and seashell necklaces as you journey through the Islands.

Explore Loka cave in Alofi on the hunt for buried treasure and take walks along the sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters that are a safe home for an array of undersea wildlife; an enchanting setting for passengers who can also take in the coast road. Visit the ancient Tongan forts, the local Sacré-Coeur and Carmel. Then go scuba diving or just snorkel between coral islets.

That’s not all, also get to eat stuffed banana and an array of dishes locally prepared in a traditional Umu oven created by digging a hole in the ground in which wood and stones will be carefully placed and covered with plantain leaves. The traditional wine—Kava, a root based drink—will make you feel sleepy and relaxed.

So if you’re the type that would love to exercise your biceps by paddling a traditional canoe on the islands, gather your thoughts in the peaceful calm of the caves, take a plunge in the salt water of a crater lake, dance with the locals to their traditional music and feast your eyes on the beauty of the islands as you sail on the lagoon, then it’s time for you to visit the Wallis and Futuna Islands.